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4 Reasons You Need To Start Scheduling Posts on Facebook Right Now

Does posting on Facebook ever seem like a never-ending time-sucking task? Could you use a little magic to make posting your content easier, faster and more FUN?

Enter Facebook’s native ad scheduling tool. There are other scheduling tools out there you can use, so why should you pick scheduling your content on Facebook itself?

1. It’s free and fast and you get to see EXACTLY what your posts will look like on your Page

To schedule a post on Facebook, simply go to your Page and create a post as you would normally. Instead of hitting the Post button, click the drop down arrow to the right of it to see a drop down menu:

post scheduling


Select ‘Schedule’ and fill in the date and time you want your post to go live. Click ‘Schedule’ again to complete.

post scheduling 2


Then schedule some more content!

2. It’s super easy to see and edit/reschedule all upcoming posts

To view your scheduled posts, click on the link at the top of your Page (beneath the box you can create a new post in) or just click on the Posts tab at the top of your Page above your cover image.

post scheduling 3

When you preview your posts in this way, you’ll see them the exact way they’ll be displayed on your Facebook Page and you can also see them as they’ll be displayed on mobile devices (important, as it’s likely that over half of everyone seeing your content will view it on a mobile device).

Let’s say you need to make some changes to your upcoming posts, and want to either amend the text of the post or to reschedule the post to be published at a different time.

Click on the post you want to amend. You’ll see your post in a pop-up box like this:

post scheduling 4

You can choose to Edit your post (text only, you can’t swap out images or video without deleting and rescheduling your post) or using the arrow to the right of the Edit button you can reschedule your post.

3. Scheduling posts within Facebook can mean higher reach and engagement

When you schedule posts from a third party app or provider (think Hootsuite, Meet Edgar, Buffer etc), people can see you’ve used that tool to create your post. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in itself and it shouldn’t affect how people engage with the post, but Facebook has been known to reduce the reach of posts published using a third party tool.

That means that by using one of those tools, you could be reducing the number of people who see your content every time you post. There’s no confirmation from Facebook that that’s what happens, and many scheduling providers claim that reach is unaffected, so it’s up to you to do your own experiments and see what your results are.

4. It’s the ultimate time-saver

How great would it feel to spend 20 minutes on Facebook at the start of the week and know there’s no need for you to write and post the rest of the week? All you need to do is respond to interactions with your content and on your Page, reducing the amount of time you spend on Facebook when you could be doing other things. Winning, right?

Batching the creation and scheduling of Facebook content is how the savvy kids do it, so join them. Regular posting helps increase reach, engagement and your fan count, so make it easy on yourself and schedule your posts!

Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.


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