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How To Max Out Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: if your Facebook marketing is going to be effective, there are two key factors you need to have in place: relevant, valuable content that your ideal customers want to engage with, and high visibility to give as many people as possible the chance to engage with you and your brand.

There’s an art to getting as many people as possible to see your stuff on Facebook without using Facebook Ads, and it’s definitely worth doing.  (more…)

How To Measure Reach & Engagement On Your Facebook Page

A high number of Fans on your Page is great and all, but is it really the most important thing to measure?

Nope. Not even close. What you need to be looking at is Reach (how many people see your posts) and Engagement (how many people like, comment, share or click on your posts).

What you really want to know about your Facebook marketing is how effective it is at connecting you and your audience. It doesn’t matter how many Fans you have; if they’re either not seeing or not responding to your content, those Fans are not going to enhance your business in any way. (more…)

How To Engage Your Community With Empowering Content

How often do you focus on empowering your community?

Empowering your community means serving their emotional needs. 

Content that empowers is one of the 4 types of content your Facebook fans look for and respond to, and done regularly is one of the fastest ways to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your potential clients. (more…)

How To Engage Your Community & Increase Your Reach Through Great Content

Getting your content right is crucial to the success of marketing your biz on Facebook.

What most businesses on Facebook don’t understand is this:

Your content should be about fulfilling the needs and interests of your audience.

There are four types of content that people consistently engage with on Facebook. Creating great content that serves your community can have a whole host of benefits for your business including:

  • Increased interaction on your Page (likes, comments, shares, clicks etc)
  • Increased organic reach (more people see your quality content without you paying for it)
  • Increased virality and visibility (people sharing your content voluntarily)
  • Closer relationship between you and your community, leading to easier sales
  • Increased likelihood of your fans signing up to your mailing list, events, etc
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Convert your fans into clients


3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans Right Away (for FREE!)

There are two strategies for growing the number of Fans on your biz Page: Organic and Paid.

Organic growth means getting more Fans without paying, while Paid means you use Facebook Ads to grow your Page. While using carefully targeted Facebook Ads is a great way to grow your Page with targeted leads, you can absolutely grow your Page without paying. It’ll be a much slower process and will require more work on a daily basis, but it’s perfectly possible.

Here are 3 ways you can get more Fans right now for free: (more…)

How to know exactly what to post on your Facebook Page

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly what you should be posting on your Facebook biz Page? It can be confusing – should you be promoting your biz or sharing a blog or should you be posting something else altogether?

There’s no one right answer as to the exact content you should be posting – a one-size-fits-all formula just doesn’t exist. Ultimately, the only way to get it exactly right for your biz and the community you’re building on your Page is to try a few things and pay attention to what your Fans respond to.

Watch the trends over time and post more of the stuff they like, and less of the stuff they don’t. Simple, right?

But how do you know where to start? (more…)

How To Create A Custom Header Image For Your Facebook Page Using Canva

First impressions definitely count when it comes to your Facebook Page.

Your Header or Cover image runs across the top of your Facebook Page, and is the first thing visitors to your Page see. This is a great opportunity to make an impact and ensure your brand or business stands out from your competitors on Facebook.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for a pro designer and don’t know your way around Photoshop – I’m going to talk you through designing your own branded header image using a free online tool called Canva. (more…)

The Essential Facebook Business Page Checklist

It’s important to have certain fundamental elements in place for your Facebook marketing strategy to be effective. Facebook can – and should – be used to bring in leads, opportunities, connections and sales for your small business every day.

However, you can’t use Facebook for your business in exactly the same way you use it for your personal life – for starters, you need a dedicated business Page.

Use this checklist to ensure your Facebook biz Page is prepped and primed for new leads or customers from Facebook.

If you are setting up a new Page, you can do that here:

Whether you’re setting up a new Page or simply ensuring your current Page is in tip-top shape, follow the checklist below to ensure all the essentials are in place. (more…)

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