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How To Create A Week’s Worth Of Facebook Content In 20 Minutes

Does creating content for your Facebook Page ever feel like a real time-suck? It can be easy to end up trying to write posts on the fly daily (or, y’know, whenever you remember) which in turn can totally derail whatever it was you actually planned to get done with those 30 minutes you spent browsing your Facebook newsfeed and taking quizzes/watching videos/reading viral articles in the name of seeking inspiration.

There’s a fix for that. 

It’s super simple, super-effective and has just 3 steps. It doesn’t have a flashy name or anything, but if it did it would be something like The-Totally-Awesome-Kick-Ass-3-Step-Time-Saving-Facebook-Post-Writing-Plan. And it goes something like this.

1. Get on board with bundling your content

All this means is that you’ll write a bundle of content in one sitting – in this instance, a week’s worth of content in 20 minutes.

Schedule 20 minutes into your diary, be strict with sticking to your time limit, and allow yourself only a set number of revisions.

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2. Know what your content categories are

Your Page will have unique key content categories. Let’s say you run a health food blog; your content categories might be:

  • Recipes
  • Healthy eating habits/tips
  • Links to your blog articles
  • Links to other people’s content
  • Healthy living motivational quotes

Once you know your core content categories, it’s simply a case of creating one post per category.

If you’re not sure what your content categories are or should be, take some inspiration from leaders in your field. Creating the most engaging content for your audience is a test-and-learn process, and if you’re running low on inspiration try seeing what’s working on other Pages.

(It goes without saying that you should never copy content directly, but if you see a great idea for content, take it and put your own spin on it.)

3. Post every update at least twice

Here’s the thing; on average, each of your posts will be seen by maybe 10% of your Fans. If you post your high-quality content more than once, you’re increasing the number of your Fans who will see it and benefit from it.

Let’s say you post twice a day. Leave at least 4 hours between posts, and don’t post the exact same content twice in one day. It also helps to switch up copy for each post slightly when re-posting (which doubles as a sneaky way of split-testing your headlines or copy). 

Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.

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