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How To Engage Your Facebook Fans With Inspirational Content

Inspirational content is something even the biggest Facebook marketers rely on – because it works!

This is the stuff that’s all about the positive power of possibility – what if everything went right? What if everything your audience ever wanted actually happened? (And hey, they’re connected with someone who can make it happen – you!).

Empowering your fans (taking care of their emotional needs) through your content is also key to building an engaged community, and inspirational content continues down that path. Think of a time when you’ve started to learn something new or develope a new habit – somewhere along the way, you got bored or demotivated or felt like you weren’t getting results, so why bother?

That’s gonna happen to your community too. Think of yourself as a parent to your particular community – you’re their leader and teacher, and you’re also the one who can pick them up when they fall down and who encourages them to keep going when it gets tough. (Put your “I’m An Inspirational Leader” badge on – you are!)

So what does inspirational content look like in practice?

First of all, you have to identify the areas where your audience are going to need inspiration.

Are they learning a new skill? Working towards a goal that requires daily focus? Trying to make or break a habit? Whatever it is, you can guarantee that at some point they’re going to need a dose of motivation and as leader it’s up to you to provide that.

Make a list of the areas your audience is going to need support. If you’re a personal trainer for example, you might have provided nutrition advice and workout plans to educate and empower your clients, but you can inspire them to stay on track with creating their new healthy lifestyle habits by boosting their willpower on a daily basis using a mental exercise to shift their mindset, or simply a tip on what to do when the munchies hit.

If you’re a life coach, you might inspire your community by interviewing inspirational figures you know can provide valuable ‘been there, felt that’ stories to show that the life your clients dream of is absolutely possible for them, or you might share a great inspirational quote.

Second, mix up your formats. Inspiration doesn’t have to be limited to images of inspirational quotes (don’t get me wrong, those can work great); how about an audio or video of a guided meditation to visualise success? Or a blog post sharing an inspirational story? You’re looking to provide a quick, powerful hit of inspiration that gets people to make a different choice whether it’s about an action they take or a mindset they embrace. It doesn’t have to be a ‘how to’, it just has to show that what they want is possible for them.

Third, don’t be afraid to share your own inspirations. If you spot something that you find inspirational and that gives you that “YEAH! YES I CAN!” feeling, share it with your fans. It’s perfectly fine to share other people’s content as long as it serves you community (but as a rule of thumb, keep the emphasis firmly on your own content the majority of the time).

Here are some of my favourite examples of great inspirational content:

Lewis Howes’ podcasts

Check out the School of Greatness – inspirational and empowering, Lewis Howes interviews successful people from all walks of life and shares his own story from struggle to success:

lewis howes

Marie Forleo

Not only are her Marie TV episodes pure inspiration and empowerment, plugged right into the heart of her community, she also gives little insights into how she became so successful:

marie f

Danielle Laporte’s Truthbombs

She’s built a dedicated following on Instagram, not to mention jewellery and temporary tattoos of her own pearls of wisdom – designed to inspire her community to have a better day.


Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.



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