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3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans Right Away (for FREE!)

There are two strategies for growing the number of Fans on your biz Page: Organic and Paid.

Organic growth means getting more Fans without paying, while Paid means you use Facebook Ads to grow your Page. While using carefully targeted Facebook Ads is a great way to grow your Page with targeted leads, you can absolutely grow your Page without paying. It’ll be a much slower process and will require more work on a daily basis, but it’s perfectly possible.

Here are 3 ways you can get more Fans right now for free:

1. Invite your existing business contacts to Like your Page

This currently only works for certain Page categories. Here’s how to check if you have this feature on your Page:

  • Go to your Page
  • Click on the button with 3 dots in, in the bottom right of your cover image
  • Look for an option ‘Invite Email Contacts’

invite email contacts

If that option is not there, you’ll need to edit your Page category to invite your email contacts:

  •  Go to the About tab on your Page, underneath your cover image
  • In the Page Info tab, edit your Page category to Local Business (you can edit it again after inviting your email contacts)

Click on Invite Email Contacts, and you’ll see this pop-up box:

invite email contacts 2

  • You can either upload a contacts file with email addresses from your database, or you can allow Facebook to search your email accounts for contacts to invite. If you choose this latter option, you’ll need to enter your password to your email provider to allow Facebook access to your contacts.
  • If an email address in your database matches an email address registered to a personal Facebook account, that contact will see your Page suggested to them by Facebook. If an email address is not linked to a personal Facebook account, Facebook will send an email inviting that contact to Like your Page.


2. Include links to your Facebook Page on your website and in your email signature

If you have a database of email contacts you keep in touch with regularly, add your Facebook Page URL to your email signature. To maximise new Likes, include a sentence outlining the benefits of Liking your Page on Facebook plus a Call To Action to tell people you want them to head over and Like your Page on Facebook.

Getting traffic to your website to like your Facebook Page can be done in several ways. Your website may have an option to include links to your social media profiles (many WordPress themes do, for example), but you can also add a Facebook Like button to your site content or even embed and promote your Page on your site. This enables your website visitors to interact with your Page without having to leave your website.

Embedding your Page or adding a Like button require you to customise a simple form and automatically generate some HTML code to add to your site. It’s fairly simple, but if you’re not confident doing this yourself you can use a service like Fiverr to hire someone to do this quickly and cheaply for you.

Embed your Facebook Page onto your site by clicking here.

Add a Facebook Like button to your site by clicking here.


3. Run a competition aimed at your ideal customer

Competitions and giveaways often get a high share rate on Facebook, and are a great way of getting new, qualified likes on your Page.

There are a few guidelines to bear in mind – here are my top competition tips:

  • Make it targeted to your ideal customer. Whatever you’re giving away, make sure it appeals primarily to the people you’d love to have as customers. You might give away copies of a book you’ve written for example, or provide them with free tickets to a workshop or event you’re running.
  • Ask for comments as entries.  Comments are a great way to ask for competition entries; it’s a deeper level of interaction than asking for ‘likes’ plus it’s very easy to track entrants and pick a winner.
  • Give away multiple prizes. More prizes means people think they have a higher likelihood of winning, so they are more likely to enter.
  • Give away consolation prizes. You could offer a 50% discount on your products or services to all entrants who didn’t win, for example – there’s a good chance you could convert them into customers.
  • Share your competition. Once you’ve posted it on your own Page, share it on your personal timeline and within Groups you are a member of.
  • Know Facebook competition rules. You are not permitted to ask for shares or for people to tag themselves to enter competitions. Facebook doesn’t seem to police Pages who violate these rules, but that’s not to say yours won’t be the exception.

Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.

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