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How To Measure Reach & Engagement On Your Facebook Page

A high number of Fans on your Page is great and all, but is it really the most important thing to measure?

Nope. Not even close. What you need to be looking at is Reach (how many people see your posts) and Engagement (how many people like, comment, share or click on your posts).

What you really want to know about your Facebook marketing is how effective it is at connecting you and your audience. It doesn’t matter how many Fans you have; if they’re either not seeing or not responding to your content, those Fans are not going to enhance your business in any way.

It’s extremely easy to see Reach and Engagement stats for your Page. You can view stats right in your Insights dashboard, or you can download stats to work your own analysis.

 How To Check Reach & Engagement on Facebook

Go to your Page while logged in. Across the very top, you’ll see a menu bar looking like this:

UntitledClick on Insights. You’ll see a new sub-menu appear:


In the Overview tab, you can see basic statistics from the last week or so, summarising what’s happened on your Page:


This is a useful overview, but what if you want to get granular about exactly what’s been getting results? Which posts have been most engaging? Which posts have had the most reach?

Knowing the answer to these questions is going to help you revise your content and posting strategy going forwards, so you can maximise both reach and engagement.

If you scroll down this page, you can see a breakdown for each individual post:

Untitled*Note that any Facebook Ads you’re running which were not published as a Post on your Page will NOT appear in these post-level stats, although reach and engagements will be reflected in the Page level Overview.

Here, you can begin to understand what’s been more effective at reaching and engaging Fans. There’s a correlation here, but it may not be what you think.

You can see that on posts with higher reach, there tend to be more engagements, and you may think that engagement occurs as a result of reach. While that’s correct to a degree, engagement on a post also increases reach.

(If you’re interested in the technical explanation for this, Facebook judges the quality of your content on how many people interact with it. The more people who interact with a post you publish, the more relevant Facebook assumes it is and the more Newsfeeds Facebook will publish that content into.)

 What does it mean if a post reaches a higher number of people than the total number of Fans on my Page?

Great question! There could be a number of reasons for this. To investigate what’s going on, click on the link to the post you see listed in the Overview tab. You’ll see a breakdown of exactly what the engagements on the post were. Shares mean your content has been shared by Fans and has been seen by friends of your Fans, which can account for a higher than expected reach. Video posts in particular tend to get higher reach naturally, so keep that in mind when looking at your post reach. 



What does it mean if one of my posts has very low reach and engagement?

It means that the content you posted wasn’t relevant or interesting enough to your Fans. Finding your ideal content mix is not an exact science; it’s all about testing and learning, so never get discouraged by an under-performing post. Going forwards, try to post more of what’s worked well and less of what hasn’t worked so well and your reach and engagement will naturally increase. 

What’s the best way to increase my reach?

Post high quality content that is relevant and interesting to your audience, and post frequently. There’s a cap on how many people will see any one of your posts without you paying, and assuming you post between 5-10 times a week, each of your Fans will see 1-2 posts from you. That’s probably less than you thought, right? I recommend posting each piece of content you create multiple times, across several days, at different times. This will maximise your overall reach and ensure as many of your Fans as possible see each piece of content from you.

What’s the best way to increase my engagement?

Post high quality, interesting, relevant content. Pay attention to what your audience responds to the most; what do they like, comment and share? Post more of that content.

If you don’t know, you can always poll your audience to find out just what they want to see from you!

Got more questions? Post them below in the comments!

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