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How To Use Facebook To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Would you like to use Facebook to drive more traffic to your website? I’m betting the answer is yes!

Increased traffic means more visibility for your biz, plus you’ve got the opportunity to get people on your mailing list or book introductory calls with them – and those things are easier to achieve on your website than they are on Facebook, as it’s a natural part of your customer’s journey once they’re on your site.

Here are my top 4 strategies for getting more website traffic from Facebook:

1. Consistently publish great content on your website

Visitors to your website need to know that there’s always something fresh waiting for them, or why would they spend time checking out your website?

This doesn’t mean you need to post a new blog every day – every week, or every month if that’s your jam will work just as well.

If you struggle to think of what to create content around, try any of these ideas:

  • Interview someone well-known within your industry
  • Curate a Top Ten list (of blog articles, productivity tips, yoga poses…you name it!)
  • Post a weekly Top Tip to help your audience
  • Create a newsletter to round up the latest news in your industry

2. Use Link posts on Facebook

Link posts are purposely designed to send traffic to sites away from Facebook. They’re different than posting a photo post with a link in the copy – you’ll have spotted link posts in your newsfeed looking something like this:

link post


3. Use multi-content ads to reach a new audience and drive higher volumes of traffic

Facebook ads can help you reach new, targeted prospects, and in addition to that Facebook recently introduced a new type of ad which is perfect for promoting multiple pieces of content at the same time.

This example shows multiple products, but you could set up the same ad format with multiple blog posts, and a different image and header to go with each. That way, you can promote three of your best pieces of content in one go.

multi prod ads

4. Use the CTA in your Header image to send traffic to your website 

It’s completely free, and you get to choose where on your website you send people – in the example below, hit TV show Ellen sends people to the homepage of her website to watch a video.


Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.


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