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How To Make Writing Posts for Your Facebook Business Page Super Easy

Does this ever happen to you? Your Facebook Newsfeed is full of great content posted by other business Pages, but when you sit down to write posts for your own Facebook business Page, you’ve got no idea what to say. What would be interesting for your Fans to read, you wonder? What kind of content is going to help you get shares and more Fans? If only you knew for sure!

I’m going to let you into a little secret here – great content on Facebook falls into one of four categories. Once you know what they are, deciding what to post on your business page is going to get so much easier. These four types of content (and by content I mean everything from a photo to a link to a blog post to a video) are what people automatically look for and spend time interacting with. Great content that falls within these categories and comes from your Page can help drive traffic to your website, get people to sign up to your events, get them to Like your Page and more. 

Here are the four categories:

1. Educate

People love to feel like they’re learning something new from your page. It’s why supermarkets post recipes; it’s why book blogs post reviews; it’s why IFL Science is such a popular Page (if you haven’t checked that one out yet, I recommend it).

The point is, your Fans are interested in you because you’ve got something they don’t, and part of that is often knowledge. So be generous and share freely; you’ll establish yourself as an authority in your area of business and it could help you gain new clients.

2. Empower

How can you help your Fans to feel empowered?

To help you answer this, think about the questions you’re most frequently asked by clients and potential clients. Those highlight pain points and indicate the areas around which you can provide the most value and showcase your expertise.

Often, empowering content overlaps with or follows on from educational content, for instance if a driving instructor were to post a video showing pupils how to check oil levels in their car. That’s educational and empowering, because now they’ve got knowledge they can put to practical use in maintaining their cars.

3. Entertain

It happens to us all: you’re browsing your Newsfeed and get sucked into clicking on cute kitten videos, personality quizzes or blog posts you just can’t resist. Before you know it, 20 fun-filled minutes have gone by when what you intended to do was post an update of your own in under 5 minutes.

Plenty of people – your Fans included – use Facebook as a way to get some downtime. Your Facebook Business Page can post irreverent content from time to time, provided it’s relevant to you and your Fans. Look out for memes or topical events that are relevant to your business and if there’s an opportunity to post something entertaining, go for it.

4. Inspire

I’m gonna come right out and say it – there’s a very good reason inspirational quotes perform so well on social media. They’re feel-good, fun and very shareable. They’re an instant pick-me-up. (And they often look pretty, too. Hey, it helps!)

Likewise, real-life success stories can touch your Fans emotionally, whether it’s a client review, a tale of transformation or even an example of how great the world really is in unexpected ways.

Now go and create some amazing posts for your Facebook Business Page!

1 Comment on How To Make Writing Posts for Your Facebook Business Page Super Easy

  1. Anthea
    February 27, 2015 at 5:24 pm (4 years ago)

    Hey this is a great list – very informative as I’ve also been stuck in a rut not knowing what kind of content to post from my facebook page so thank you!


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