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How To Create A Week’s Worth Of Facebook Content In 20 Minutes

Does creating content for your Facebook Page ever feel like a real time-suck? It can be easy to end up trying to write posts on the fly daily (or, y’know, whenever you remember) which in turn can totally derail whatever it was you actually planned to get done with those 30 minutes you spent browsing your Facebook newsfeed and taking quizzes/watching videos/reading viral articles in the name of seeking inspiration.

There’s a fix for that.  (more…)

4 Reasons You Need To Start Scheduling Posts on Facebook Right Now

Does posting on Facebook ever seem like a never-ending time-sucking task? Could you use a little magic to make posting your content easier, faster and more FUN?

Enter Facebook’s native ad scheduling tool. There are other scheduling tools out there you can use, so why should you pick scheduling your content on Facebook itself?

1. It’s free and fast and you get to see EXACTLY what your posts will look like on your Page (more…)

How To Engage Your Facebook Fans With Inspirational Content

Inspirational content is something even the biggest Facebook marketers rely on – because it works!

This is the stuff that’s all about the positive power of possibility – what if everything went right? What if everything your audience ever wanted actually happened? (And hey, they’re connected with someone who can make it happen – you!).

Empowering your fans (taking care of their emotional needs) through your content is also key to building an engaged community, and inspirational content continues down that path. Think of a time when you’ve started to learn something new or develope a new habit – somewhere along the way, you got bored or demotivated or felt like you weren’t getting results, so why bother? (more…)

3 Ways To Get More Facebook Fans Right Away (for FREE!)

There are two strategies for growing the number of Fans on your biz Page: Organic and Paid.

Organic growth means getting more Fans without paying, while Paid means you use Facebook Ads to grow your Page. While using carefully targeted Facebook Ads is a great way to grow your Page with targeted leads, you can absolutely grow your Page without paying. It’ll be a much slower process and will require more work on a daily basis, but it’s perfectly possible.

Here are 3 ways you can get more Fans right now for free: (more…)

How to know exactly what to post on your Facebook Page

Do you ever find yourself wondering exactly what you should be posting on your Facebook biz Page? It can be confusing – should you be promoting your biz or sharing a blog or should you be posting something else altogether?

There’s no one right answer as to the exact content you should be posting – a one-size-fits-all formula just doesn’t exist. Ultimately, the only way to get it exactly right for your biz and the community you’re building on your Page is to try a few things and pay attention to what your Fans respond to.

Watch the trends over time and post more of the stuff they like, and less of the stuff they don’t. Simple, right?

But how do you know where to start? (more…)

How To Create A Custom Header Image For Your Facebook Page Using Canva

First impressions definitely count when it comes to your Facebook Page.

Your Header or Cover image runs across the top of your Facebook Page, and is the first thing visitors to your Page see. This is a great opportunity to make an impact and ensure your brand or business stands out from your competitors on Facebook.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for a pro designer and don’t know your way around Photoshop – I’m going to talk you through designing your own branded header image using a free online tool called Canva. (more…)

How To Make Writing Posts for Your Facebook Business Page Super Easy

Does this ever happen to you? Your Facebook Newsfeed is full of great content posted by other business Pages, but when you sit down to write posts for your own Facebook business Page, you’ve got no idea what to say. What would be interesting for your Fans to read, you wonder? What kind of content is going to help you get shares and more Fans? If only you knew for sure!

I’m going to let you into a little secret here – great content on Facebook falls into one of four categories. Once you know what they are, deciding what to post on your business page is going to get so much easier. These four types of content (and by content I mean everything from a photo to a link to a blog post to a video) are what people automatically look for and spend time interacting with. Great content that falls within these categories and comes from your Page can help drive traffic to your website, get people to sign up to your events, get them to Like your Page and more.  (more…)

3 Reasons Your Facebook Fans Aren’t Buying From You…Yet

The number one question I’m asked is this: How do I get my Facebook Fans to buy stuff from me?

After all, if you’ve got Fans, that means they’re interested in you and what you do, right? Why else would they Like your Page? And you know there are plenty of other people out there who are making money from Facebook right this second. So it’s frustrating that your Fans aren’t taking the bait and snapping up what you’ve got to offer. What are you doing wrong?

Here are the top 3 reasons your Facebook Fans aren’t currently buying from you:

1. You Don’t Post Frequently Enough

2. You’re Not Posting The Right Type Of Content

3. You’re Not Capturing Your Fans’ Email Addresses (more…)