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The 3-Step Recipe You Need To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Clients

Is generating leads and making sales from your Facebook Fans a core priority in your business?

When I say a core priority, I don’t mean the occasional Facebook post about something you’re offering that may mean 1 or 2 sales here and there; I’m asking if you have a consistent strategy and daily presence on Facebook that results in a steady stream of people of people showing interest in what you’re offering and asking for more from you?

If you said no, chances are you’re currently wasting your time on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook should be something that ultimately results in sales for you, because it’s such a great way to find and connect with the people you can serve, your potential customers. 

Let’s jump right into my super simple 3-step recipe for success in converting your Fans into clients:

1. Content

2. Community

3. Clients

It’s that simple.

Content: through great content, you add value to your ideal audience and attract more of your ideal customers to you

Community: you build a relationship between you and your audience through consistently being in contact with them and giving them great content

Clients: people buy from people they know and trust – and you get that trust through your content, whether it’s blog posts, videos, webinars, speaking events or something else altogether. Once you’ve got the content and community parts down, you can ask for sales.

Mark Schaefer illustrates this perfectly with his strategy of small interactions – you start out finding your ideal audience, but after a while, providing your content and connection is spot on, they start coming to you:

Mark Schaefer strategy of small interactions


How do you create this great content that primes people to want to buy from you and gets them to become part of your Community?

When people are on Facebook, they’re looking for four things:

1.Content that educates them

2.Content that empowers them

3.Content that entertains them

4.Content that inspires them

Great content that falls within these categories and comes from your Page can help drive traffic to your website, get people to sign up to your events, get them to Like your Page and can ultimately lead to more – successful sales.

Remember – the key to your success is to take action – what are you waiting for? Take action now.

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