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The BIGGEST trend on Facebook right now and 5 ways you can take advantage of it

Hands up if you want more reach? More engagement? More fans? More CONNECTION with your audience?

Posting video content on your Page is just the thing you need.

To give you an idea of how powerful video is, on my own Page I’ve noticed my video posts reach a whopping 10-20x more people than photo or link posts do, and video engages up to 60x more people than photo or link posts. That’s pretty powerful, right?

(Take care to always embed your videos in Facebook itself; videos linked from YouTube will not see the same results in terms of reach and engagement.)

Here are 5 ways you can use video on your own Page to take advantage of all the benefits it offers your biz or brand on Facebook.

1. Introduce yourself to your audience

How well do your audience really know you? Unless you use video regularly, your audience could probably get to know you a little better via video. People buy from other people they know and trust, and it’s easier to trust someone when you get to know their voice and what they look like.

Try this two-minute video ‘recipe':

Introduce yourself

Talk a little about what you do and who you serve

Finally, let people know how they can work with you/get in touch and why they should.(Don’t forget to include a link in your post!)

libby rose

2. Create a ‘how to’

Show your audience how to do something – it could be anything, from how to sew a dog coat to how to do a yoga pose to how to edit a website page.

3. Use video to generate leads or send people to an opt-in page

Instead of creating a link post, try a video post with a link in the copy. You’ll get more reach and therefore potentially more clicks and opt-ins – what’s not to like?

4. Connect with your audience and answer their FAQs

Are there some questions you get over and over from your community? Take the opportunity to create some great value video content where you address those questions. The beauty of this is that once its created, you can post it over and over!


5. Vlog instead of blog

Instead of creating a written or image based blog, try making a vlog (video blog) instead. You can share it via email or embed it on your website as well as posting it on your Facebook page.


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