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5 Steps To Ensure Your Landing Page Complies With Facebook Ad Requirements

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Creating carefully targeted and clickable Facebook Ads are really only half the story when it comes to advertising on Facebook right now.

The landing page you send people who click on your Ads to is just as important to your success on Facebook – in fact, getting it wrong can result in your Ads account being permanently shut down. 

When it comes to prohibited landing page attributes, Facebook’s guidelines state: “Non-functional landing pages. This includes landing pages that interfere with a person’s ability to navigate away from the page.” [are prohibited]. (more…)

The 3-Step Recipe You Need To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Clients

Is generating leads and making sales from your Facebook Fans a core priority in your business?

When I say a core priority, I don’t mean the occasional Facebook post about something you’re offering that may mean 1 or 2 sales here and there; I’m asking if you have a consistent strategy and daily presence on Facebook that results in a steady stream of people of people showing interest in what you’re offering and asking for more from you?

If you said no, chances are you’re currently wasting your time on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook should be something that ultimately results in sales for you, because it’s such a great way to find and connect with the people you can serve, your potential customers.  (more…)

How To Network On Facebook

How many Facebook Groups are you a member of?

I bet you’re a member of a few! But:

How much time do you spend networking in those groups, making connections with peers and potential new customers?

There’s an art to effective networking within Facebook Groups, and I’m going to share with you my top tips for how to get it right: (more…)

How To Create A Week’s Worth Of Facebook Content In 20 Minutes

Does creating content for your Facebook Page ever feel like a real time-suck? It can be easy to end up trying to write posts on the fly daily (or, y’know, whenever you remember) which in turn can totally derail whatever it was you actually planned to get done with those 30 minutes you spent browsing your Facebook newsfeed and taking quizzes/watching videos/reading viral articles in the name of seeking inspiration.

There’s a fix for that.  (more…)

How To Use Facebook To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Would you like to use Facebook to drive more traffic to your website? I’m betting the answer is yes!

Increased traffic means more visibility for your biz, plus you’ve got the opportunity to get people on your mailing list or book introductory calls with them – and those things are easier to achieve on your website than they are on Facebook, as it’s a natural part of your customer’s journey once they’re on your site.

Here are my top 4 strategies for getting more website traffic from Facebook: (more…)

How To Track New Likes And See Where They Came From

It’s a great feeling when you see the number of people liking your Page go up, but what if you want to know a little more about who they are and where they came from?

You can use Page Insights to check this out.

1. Check out where your Page likes happened

This let’s you understand how people are interacting with your biz or brand on Facebook.

Go to the Insights tab, then the Likes tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a graph detailing your new Page likes over the last 30 days, broken down by how those likes came about.

As you can see from this example, ads (in this case, not targeted at gaining page likes but driving traffic to my website) accounted for a high number of new likes.



2. Check out where your traffic is coming from outside of Facebook

Navigate to the Visits tab next, and scroll to the bottom again. You’ll see a chart detailing how people come to visit your page if they’re not already browsing on Facebook.

In this example, my website and Google searches both have a small role to play in sending traffic to my Facebook page, but the numbers are small so it’s clear that my new page likes are currently being primarily driven through increased visibility thanks to Facebook ads.

likes23. Find out more about who’s liked your Page

While you can’t access detailed data on an individual basis, Facebook does provide a pretty clear overview of the demographics of your page likers.

Find this information on the People tab within Insights.

You’ll see demographic info including gender, ages, locations and Facebook even lets you see which demographic amongst your fans is the most likely to interact with your content – these are your most engaged users and the ones for whom your content resonates the most.




The BIGGEST trend on Facebook right now and 5 ways you can take advantage of it

Hands up if you want more reach? More engagement? More fans? More CONNECTION with your audience?

Posting video content on your Page is just the thing you need.

To give you an idea of how powerful video is, on my own Page I’ve noticed my video posts reach a whopping 10-20x more people than photo or link posts do, and video engages up to 60x more people than photo or link posts. That’s pretty powerful, right? (more…)

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