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3 Reasons Your Facebook Fans Aren’t Buying From You…Yet

The number one question I’m asked is this: How do I get my Facebook Fans to buy stuff from me?

After all, if you’ve got Fans, that means they’re interested in you and what you do, right? Why else would they Like your Page? And you know there are plenty of other people out there who are making money from Facebook right this second. So it’s frustrating that your Fans aren’t taking the bait and snapping up what you’ve got to offer. What are you doing wrong?

Here are the top 3 reasons your Facebook Fans aren’t currently buying from you:

1. You Don’t Post Frequently Enough

2. You’re Not Posting The Right Type Of Content

3. You’re Not Capturing Your Fans’ Email Addresses

Let’s address these one by one:

1. You Don’t Post Frequently Enough

Here’s the deal: every time you publish a post, Facebook decides how many of your Fans will see it, and also who among your Fans will see it. There are a number of factors that feed into this and while Facebook is pretty closed-mouthed about exactly what those factors are, they include:

  • How many Fans you have (smaller Pages have the advantage here, as usually a higher percentage of Fans will see each Post)
  • How much engagement your Post gets (eg, how many likes, shares, comments, link clicks etc)
  • What type of Posts you put out there (video posts currently tend to get the best organic reach)

Let’s say every time you post, you reach 10% of your Fans. That means you’d have to post ten times for every single one of your Fans to see your post (in reality, some people would see two posts and some would see none – there’s no guaranteed way of reaching exactly 100% of your Fans).

So, if you post 5x a week, potentially 50% of your Fans will see a piece of content from you.

Solution: Post frequently (at least daily) OR post infrequently and use Facebook Advertising to ensure your audience sees your content.

2. You’re Not Posting The Right Type Of Content

A common mistake Facebook Business Pages often make is to create content around their needs and objectives instead of those of their Fans or customers.

Successful Facebook content is about having conversations and making connections. Your Fans want to know that you get them and that you know what matters to them. They want to know how you can help them solve the problems or fulfill the needs they have.

What does this mean in practice? Let’s say you’re an interior designer and your clients are primarily people who know what kind of look they’d like in their homes, but have no idea how to achieve it by themselves. You could tell them how to build a beautiful colour palette for their home, or how to refresh their home by choosing colours that will complement what they’ve already got. You might share tips on easy DIY home decor upgrades. You should definitely share before and afters of projects you’ve worked on to showcase your talents and get them thinking about what you could do for them. And it would be a great idea to open up conversations on your Page by posting photos of rooms and asking simple questions like ‘Which of these two rooms do you like best – cool and calm or bright and contrasting?’

Or, if you’re a yoga teacher catering to stressed out and busy city workers, you might share tips about how to bring moments of calm or peacefulness into your daily life outside of classes. You could go into details about particular poses and the benefits they bring. You could share inspirational quotes on mindfulness or meditation. You might even create free guided meditations for your Fans to download and listen to at their leisure.

Do you notice how in the examples above, sales posts aren’t mentioned? It’s perfectly OK to post sales posts, but they should make up no more than 20% of your total content – that’s 1 post in 5, maximum.

Solution: List out five types of content you could create Facebook posts around that are relevant, interesting and valuable to your Fans. Create one post per week for each of these types of content, and post consistently.

3. You’re Not Capturing Your Fans’ Email Addresses

Facebook marketing and email marketing go hand in hand. The reason?

Your Fans aren’t interested in buying from you directly on Facebook. 

Think about what you do when you’re on Facebook. Chances are, you log on daily and possibly more than once a day. Each time you go onto Facebook, you scroll through your newsfeed, scanning all the posts you see there. You read a few, like a few, comment on a couple, maybe message a friend or two, probably click on a few links, blog articles, videos, quizzes…you know the stuff.

The point is, you often go on Facebook to relax or take a break. You enjoy being entertained while you’re there. You’re not there to buy directly from your Facebook newsfeed.

It’s no different for your Fans. They do the exact same things you do on Facebook.

However, just because they won’t buy from you directly on Facebook doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in buying from you. You just need to meet them where they’re at, and make it easy for them to do something they are willing to do – like hand over their email address in exchange for something juicy you’re giving away.

Once you’ve got their email address, you can connect with them on Facebook and in their inboxes. Then, and only then, you can think about converting them into customers.

Solution: Give your Fans something they want for free. Post a link on Facebook directing them to a squeeze page or custom Facebook tab where they can get your goodies in exchange for handing over the email addresses.

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